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We are a financial institution that provides credit cards to our customers. We have various grades of credit cards as per your needs and purchasing trends. The following are the various grades that we offer

Silver: This is the basic card and is for people who do not have a proper credit score and are trying to build a credit history. To get these cards we would be taking a minimal initial deposit from you, which we will hold for a year, and based on your purchase and repayment and improvement on your credit history the money will be returned and you would be automatically upgraded to Gold card.

Gold: This is the next level of card for people who have a decent credit history but whose purchasing trend is limited. We offer these cards with minimal annual fee and also the interest rate on residual payments is very little.

Platinum: This is for people who do a lot of shopping, additional benefits in this card include free life insurance with your nominee as beneficiary. There are also reward points for every purchase and you can redeem them for some wonderful gifts. There is no annual fee for select preferred customers.

Titanium: The limit of purchases is higher for this card and we also offer free lounge access in international airports with some elite airlines. There is also travel insurance and life insurance free of cost. There is no annual fee for those who are eligible for this card. The reward points are double and there is no interest on pending payments up to a certain limit.

All these cards come up with free customer care service, instant blocking of cards in case of loss or theft. Contact us today and get the best card based on your credit history to enjoy the benefits.


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